Our 5 commitments

Engagement 1 : CLEAN OCEAN

  • Nous nous engageons à dépolluer les océans, aux côtés de The SeaCleaners , grâce aux petits bateaux les Mobulas, dont le Mobula 8 a fait sa 1ère mise à l'eau au 1er semestre 2021.
  • Nous participons régulièrement aux opérations de nettoyage des plages. Durant l’été, The Sea Cleaners et ses délégations régionales organisent des SUMMER COLLECTS que les collaborateurs THALGO, comme le grand public,  pourront rejoindre les 1 000 bénévoles de l’association au cours de ces opérations de nettoyage. 
  • Nous menons des campagnes de sensibilisation auprès de nos communautés et proposons d’adopter des gestes au quotidien pour protéger la mer.


Commitment 2 : GREEN PACK

The THALGO teams commit to a green packaging strategy, which respects the environment and oceans more. The 3 key areas to work on within the next 5 years are:

  • Reducing and reusing packaging: we have already saved 5 tonnes of packaging by eliminating leaflets and spatulas, and making our professional sets lighter.
  • Using recyclable and recycled materials
  • Reducing the environmental impact: All of our boxes, POS and brochures are already made with cardboard from forests managed sustainably that respect biodiversity

Commitment 3 : CLEAN BEAUTY

  • Our products are made in France, on the French Riviera, at Roquebrune-Sur Argens
  • 100% of our formulas include marine ingredients (more than 70% of which are algae), with respect for marine biodiversity
  • Our new formulas include at least 90% natural origin ingredients
  • Our products do not contain any ingredients from animals*
  • Our products and protocols are tested under dermatological control

    * Except beeswax and HyaluProCollagène dietary supplement


Commitment 4 : GREEN FACTORY

  • Our factory for emulsion products, at Roquebrune Sur Argens, has been built to pharmaceutical laboratory requirements and has ECOCERT accreditation. It therefore uses specific cleaning products to guarantee a lower impact in terms of industrial emissions.
  • We also minimise our carbon footprint by promoting material recycling (water, cardboard, plastic, wood)