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Exception Marine Redensifying Treatment

Loss of Firmness - Lack of Density

Timing 1 hour 30 minutes


This “manual facelift” treatment targets and tightens individual muscles and visibly lifts and tones the entire face, neck and décolleté. You will be left feeling deeply relaxed, with skin that’s visibly smoother, brighter and lifted.

For whom?

For women aged 50 and over, looking for a a complete anti-ageing treatment that targets wrinkles, loss of firmness and clarity of the complexion.


100% immediate lifting effect* from the first treatment
100% smoothed wrinkles*
100% face appears lifted*
100% resculpted facial contours*

*Clinical study on 15 volunteers (aged 50-61), following a facial treatment including exfoliation and Energilift massage - Evaluation of anti-ageing effectiveness of the facial treatment measured by self-assessment via a questionnaire.

Products used during the treatment