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Home Body Marine Slimming SLIMMING GIFT SET


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Ideal for sculpting your body, this gift set combines two slimming products for more toned skin and a visibly reshaped figure.

  • High Performance Firming Cream, 200ml : cream enriched with restructuring and firming active ingredients to fight sagging skin.
  • Stomach & Waist Sculptor, 150ml : firming, shaping and refining action to significantly reduce the volume of the abdominal area

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Professional application gesture

Hight Permormance Firming Cream:

Professional tips for use morning and/or night:
1- Warm the cream between your hands, then apply to entire body.
2- Work in using friction movements.
3- Make energetic pinching movements.

Stomach & Wais Scultor:

Professional tips for use morning and/or night:
1- Apply the product to the stomach, waist and hips.
2- Perform circular massage movements with phalanges (finger tips), in a clockwise motion, followed by deep downward gliding movements from the waist to the navel.
3- Make kneading movements, then deep gliding movements once again until the product is completely absorbed.